November 11, 2010

what i'm gonna miss about my baby.

i) her touch
-when she holds my hand when we are walking. when she touches my face while we're sitting. and when she touches my hair when we're doing nothing.
ii) her smell 
-the smell of her hand when we kiss each other hands to say goodbye. the smell of her cheeks. the smell of her hair. the smell of her forehead. and definitely the smell of her ____. :p
iii) her kiss
-when she kisses me on my hand, my cheeks, my forehead and my _____ when we say goodbye. when she kisses me anywhere. sorry but cant tell the details. haha
iv) her breath
-her breath when she is sitting close to me. especially when we're watching a movie. and when she intentionally breathes in my ear for whatever purpose.
v) her looks
-when she looks at me when i'm doing something. when i call her. when i did something wrong (her angry looks). when i'm going off in my car and she'll wait until i go. and of course her looks when we're doing something together.
vi) her everything
-this point concludes all. it means anything that is related to her. what i really2 gonna miss of her is her herself. my baby wifey. siti farazeeqa rasid. cant imagine this coming times. days without u with me, scolding me if i did anything wrong, asking me to do what i have to do, eating together, sitting together, walking together, studying together, online-ing together, and most of all, breathing together. *sigh
we're gonna make it through okay baby?together.i cant make it alone. i need u to be by my side. u dont have to worry about me. coz i'll always be by your's. :)


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