November 11, 2010

my belief :)

in my life, i have three main principles.

the first one is, KARMA. many would know what karma is. for those who dont, its a situation where what goes around, comes around. it means what u're giving, u would only get back. that is why i try my best to give only the best to all. especially my loved ones. hoping that the same would be done to me. but i'm still not perfect. sometimes i still do bad things. so, i'll get the punishment.

secondly, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. for this, i believe in Allah's almighty power. when anything that happens to us, it must be because of something. there must be something to it. either good or bad. sometimes, bad things happen because we are being punished.but sometimes, it is only because you are being tested. it is to see whether you are strong enough or not.and how you faces it. EVERYTHING that happens has a reason, that is why i believe in FATE, instead of COINCIDENCE. therefore, when something happens to you, find the reason why. that is what living is for, to search. because thats what i would do. and it makes me think. and thinking is good for you.

lastly, i believe in YIN and YANG. in my understanding, yin yang means that in everything, there is always both good, and bad. to me, it applies to everything. example, things, persons, action, etc. yin is the dark, bad, negativity. yang is the light, good, positivity. when a person is looked from the outside as a bad person, there is always good in them. and when a person looks good from the outside, they will also have a bad side in them. there is a reason to that. and it is the balance of nature. the yin and yang needs each other. to be balanced. so, everyone has good and bad in them.

for more than 20 years i've lived in this world, this is the three principles of my life. as i get more mature in growing up, i learnt these. at school, home, anywhere. based on my experience, what i have been facing. i guess i have enough evidence to prove all these. 
and of course, in living my life, i will always hold on to these principles in my future. :)

oh oh oh! i almost forgot. if u noticed, all three is so much related with fairness. soooooo, try to be fair in your life okay? ;)

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