November 17, 2010

get a grip apit!

damnit apit!what has gotten into you?why are you this way?come on!keep moving.she has already moved on.why havent you?
hm.its because i love her so much.and from that we can know how much she loves me.or does she?hm.
the more i look at our pictures, her pictures, the more it makes me wanna cry.why?i miss her too much.i dont even know why.we've went thru so much together.many were shocked this thing happened.many said we were so sweet together.but no more.
so, i am trying my i have tried my best with you, so i am going to try my best without you.
i know that you are doing just fine without you said, you dont need me. but sadly, that only makes one of us. :|
please be with me me thru this.i need you guys.just as much as i need her.

dear Allah, give me i can move on.give me cure for this pain.and give me light so i wont be in the dark by showing me the way. Amin.


  1. what's with the breakup dude? because of u guys being faraway from each other next semester ke?
    if it is, that's plain silly, it's not as if one of u guys are going to be abroad or something, kan?
    if what u have is real, u guys should be able to make it through no matter what,
    sorry, i might not know things, but it's kinda sad seeing u like this,,
    u two should go get some sense and think back about it,
    like u said, u two look sweet together, and i agree, so why waste that sweetness just like that if u two still love each other?
    for isn't it love is all we need to make it work?
    nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih ;)

  2. ala..sekejap je tu...
    chill la babe...