November 11, 2010

the story behind my fishies!

if u can notice at this blog, scroll down, u can see my fishies. there is seven of them rite?
two whites, two blacks, two reds, and one yellow. so, what does that mean?
the two whites are faris and zaty, the two blacks are mia and don, and the two reds are supposedly to be gepet and illy. but.... its okay bro, the important thing is the red one is you and the other is i dunno who. be strong bro. these three couple means a lot to me. i love them. and i love seeing them with each other. therefore, i'm trusting them with the yellow fish, my goldie goldfish, the love of my life, my wife. i love those three couple and i know they can look after my baby. its because i'm leaving, it's my final semester here. when i'm gone, take good care of my baby for me okay guys? 
i owe you guys big time. love all of you. :)

p/s = the yellow fish is you siti farazeeeqa rasid. :)

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