November 28, 2012

Wait, what?

I found something in my phone's memo. I guess it was the time when my email had problems and I couldn't update my blog. So I kept it there. Here are the words :

Title : My dreams
On the road towards achieving your dreams, there will be bumps, tricky roads, or even dead ends. But don't give up just yet. There will also be other ways. There will always be a way to reach that destination. The perfect journey. So try and try again. InsyaAllah, sooner or later, you will reach it. Allah always gives us the best. May we embrace it with open hearts. :)

I can't even recall why I said all this. Haha. But I'm sure it was my words. I guess it was about some problems I faced on my dreams of becoming a lecturer. So there it is. I'm sharing my thoughts with you guys. Enjoy. :)

Thank you for reading. ;)

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