November 20, 2012

Sharing is caring

So what's there to share? Why do we share? How do we share it? And to whom we are supposed to share?

That's the question that dwells in my mind after what has happened. For me, I share my problems, happiness, perceptions, thoughts, and all there is. I'm an open book. I always share. Everything, to everyone. I like to share. I love to share. Advices, opinions, suggestions, that's what I get for sharing. I'm a person who can't live alone, who can't live by myself. That's why I need friends. I share to those whom I trust. To those I think is best at giving me advices. And also to those that matters. Sometimes, people misunderstood my behaviour. They say I'm boasting, showing off. That's when I share my happiness. But there's still those who doesn't think like that. When I have problems, sometimes I tend to think only from my own perspective. That's why I share, for other people to give me more perspectives to see from.

But as a human being that is always imperfect, I also tend to not accept the other perspectives. Its difficult to accept what I don't want to accept. Only a few can convince me on that. A few. Sometimes my selfishness takes over me and want the other people to accept my point. That is me. A normal, imperfect human being.

I don't expect much. I can't expect much. That's never a good thing for me. But whatever I do, I always will. Hoping never brings happiness to me. But that is what I always do. Why? Because I'm made that way. Changing myself is very close to impossible. So face it, I'm always gonna be like this. And the consequences are, disappointments. life is full of it. No matter how low you hope, there will always be disappointments.

Why I'm saying all these? Because I'm sharing. My thoughts, my problems, my perceptions.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. :)

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