February 6, 2011

tiba-tiba hati terdetik

god has His ways of showing us the right direction..by direction i mean what we should do in our lives..i read my friend's blog..a quite close friend..in her blog post, she said about the things she wants from a man..one of it is matured..and she said that boys take longer time to mature that girls..then the first thing that crossed my mind was what my friend said..this friend of mine is getting married..actually her wedding is today..hahaha..congratulations to Miera Leeya..i hope she'll be happy with her husband..so back to the story..what leeya said to me was, her husband is 30 this year..i said that it was quite old..but then she said, "yelah, lelaki kan lmbt matang.ade stage nk enjoy, ade stage dia nk cari duit, ade stage dia nk kawen"..hmm..

another thing, someone commented on my blog post (sedih + gembira).that someone that i should stop searching for love, and let love find me..it strucked me!so i thought that they ARE right!firstly, boys ARE like that..they take time to mature.for example, leeya's hubby.so why should i search for love at this age?im at my early 20's and im studying..so why should i waste my time SEARCHing for love?im still young..i have a long way to go(inshaAllah)..and btw, girls my age are searching for guys with money, maturity, and looks..what do i have?nothing.hahaha.even if i get mature enough, i dont have the looks and the $$$...so, what the hell.its better that i spend my time with my friends and make a lot of new friends along the way..while im young and moneyless..hahaha.

when the right time comes, that is when im old enough and i have the money, who knows, i might bump into love and get married right away..hahaha.like my friend said, let love find me..so that is what im gonna do.. :)

p/s : thankyou anonymous for the coment :)
and thankyou god for Your guidance :)