October 7, 2013

My love life sucks.

Hey. Long time no post. Hahaha. Latest update, i've started working. 3 months already. At KSL Resorts, JB. But thats not the thing i wanna write about. Its about me, myself and i.

Baru-baru ni ade kwn aku mcm baca aku drpd tarikh lahir, tulisan, signature, muka dan lain2 lah. The main thing yg aku nak cite is about my love life. She said, i fail in my love life. You know what, i think its true. To me, EPIC fail punya kes ni.

Ni cite aku.
Tak reti appreciate org. X reti jaga org. Dia dah perfect, tp nak cari lain. Skrg dah nyesal. Tp x guna. Bukan senang nak jumpa yg sesuai, serasi, yg betul2 terima aku seadanya. Mmg bukan sng.

Sekarang, mencari cari, berkenal kenal. Tp yg single, x sesuai. Yg sesuai, x single. Yang dekat, x serasi. Yg serasi, x dekat.

Cane? Terseksa jgk la hidup aku ni. Aku ni dah la jenis xleh sorg2 sgt. Haih.

Kenapa nasib mcm ni? Sampai bila nak mcm ni? Terseksa mcm ni?
Bosan hidup. Nak mati kdg. Semak pk. Teringin nak rasa happy. Mcm org2 lain. Tp mgkn belum masa lagi. Cepatkan la ya Allah. Sakit hidup mcm ni. Hmmm.

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