June 8, 2011

Cancer :)

whats cancer? bukan penyait tu tau. horoscope. zodiac sign. mine is cancer : 11th July :)
nk tnye skit la. korg pcaye x kt horoscope2 ni? betul ke? aku rase mcm betul. tp mane dorg tau ek? tgk kt bintang je da bleh tau org punye personaliti? hahaha. x logik. tp cane kdg2 dorg bleh dpt betul? nasib je ke? ke kita sndri yg nk bnde tu jd betul? hahaha. xtau lah. aku ade tgk beberapa yg aku rase sgt kene dgn diri aku. tp ntahlah. korg lah judge k. :)

1. Cancer signs aren’t easy to figure out.
2. Cancer seems to have 2 personalities. One is very outgoing, funny and quirky. The other is shy, moody and antisocial.
3. Cancers spend a good deal of time worrying about their families and, even more so, about money.
4. A Cancer will remember all the wrongs done to them, they don't forgive and can't forget.
5. There's a reason behind everything a Cancer does.
6. Cancer learns and expresses everything through emotions.
7. Cancers,are popular because they really listen to what others are saying. Their own voices are attractive too.
8. Where their own problems are concerned,Cancers can disappear inside themselves and brood, which makes it hard for others to understand them.
9. Cancer come off as unapproachable and maybe even mean but I am really am a friendly and sensitive. That's just my defense mechanism.
10. Cancer makes your relations deep and committed, with great affection.
11. when you ask a cancer about something they usually know at least a little bit about it. & we do this without even trying, lol.

 p/s : ni semua aku amik kt twitter. bukan aku buat sndri k. haha. 

ni mascot utk cancer.

ni plak logo dia.

dia punye binatang tu ketam. aku pun xtau nape ketam. pastu logo dia mcm 69 skit, cool lah. kebetulan aku suka'yin yang'(yg logonye lebih kurang mcm tu). tarikh dia pula, 22 Jun - 23 Julai. sama zodiac sign dgn Ibu!!hehe. patotlah aku boleh ngam dgn ibu. :p

rasenye tu je nk kongsi buat mase ni. sekian. thankyou for reading. :)