September 23, 2010

it's time :)

sorry i didn't told you earlier..i curi2 letak dlm beg youuu... :P
i rasa da smpai masa utk bg you bnde tu..
sebab i happy sgt ngan youu..macam2 i rasa ngan you..i BAHAGIA..
even if you ckp u x jaga hati i, tapi i rasa yg u jaga, sedikit sebanyak..
i nmpk effort you..
u're different now..and i like makes me love you more and more..
do take care of it, do nurture it, do love it..
just like how you do it to me..
i know its just a stupid plain rock, but it means everything to me..
and i want the person that means everything to me to have it..
and that person is YOU, Siti Farazeeqa :)
u know i love you kan sayang.hurmm :')

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